Private Kindergarten ASPA & XRISTINA KARATZIOU

Dear parents,

With love, knowledge, experience, care and respect for the children and their special needs, we create a pioneer center of preschool education, for high level preschool education and care, situated in a brand new super modern building that it is extended in 850 m2, with inside playroom 120 m2 and out-side playground 6.000 m2 .

We have big and spacious classrooms separately for babies, infants and children from 2 months old up to 6 years old, WC for children, dining room, sleeping room, hall, lobby, sickroom, gymnasium and showroom.

Every child has a unique personality. It has wills that which must be faced appropriately. It has talents that witch must grow up. It has imagination and creativity and should be in the most appropriate environment, with the best pedagogical material to express it self.

It has opinions and we have to respect them. It needs secure, love, sensibility and we offer it.

For that reason’s we create the private Kindergarten “ASPA & XRISTINA KARATZIOU” for babies and children’s from 2 month’s old to 6 year’ s old.


Our educational and training program is consisted from the following courses and activities, in Greek and in English language:

  • New Diathematic Program for Preschool Education qualified of the Greek Department of Education
  • Karl’s Orff Music-kinetic training
  • Maria’s Montessori educational system
  • English course
  • Computing course
  • Pre-junior level mathematics for beginners
  • Writing course and training for beginners
  • Reading course and training for beginners
  • Literacy – Poetry
  • Gymnastics combined with tennis, basket, football
  • Rhythmic games and dancing
  • Painting – Sculpture – Constructions
  • Theater- Puppet show
  • Music
  • Training courses on environmental subjects
  • Visiting places with educational purposes
  • Fiesta activities

Our school provides:

  • School bus
  • Breakfast (at 10.00 a.m.)
  • Launch (optional at 1.00 p.m.)
  • Pediatrician care
  • Logotherary care
  • Psychological care
  • Every Tuesday from 19.30 to 21.00 school keep open for parents.

Address: 7th Km. National Road Larissas – Trikalon, Larissa
Working School Hours: from 6:15 to 16:15